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Research Article #3

In this article, it explains that a pro cyclist made a bamboo bicycle with his friends and was gonna use it instead of his 13,000$ carbon fiber bike. Nick Frey was explaining that bamboo is a strong flexible and light material.It says that bamboo is the strongest material on the planet because it has a better tensile strength. They also explain how bamboo is very sustainable because it grows up to 60 feet in 3 years. And their main point is that bamboo is able to bend and takes its original shape back again but steel and other metals can’t do that.

In my opinion this article is giving bambooo way to much more credit than it actually needs. Because just because it bends and is more flexible doesn’t mean it’s better than steel. My first board even before it was done broke because it was way to flexible for its own good.So in my opinion it’s good and all that they are using bamboo more often but they need to calm down on the exaggeration

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