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Insect Photography #10 – Memorise!

We are in the final week of Quest, my script is done, and now my only worry is A. Is my script long enough? B. Will I be able to memorise it in time? C. The final presentation! Currently, I am getting my book done, even though not all of my info is in the book I am still getting there.

I have memorised a little less than half of my presentation (2:30 mins worth). My brain is already crammed full of script I don’t really know how I’ll get the entire script done. I remember back in the good old days when all quest was is taking photos and this little nagging thought in the back of my mind.1200x900_1173_Портрет_шершня_macro_owad_insect_photo_photography_digital_artBest-Insects-Macro-Photography-by-Sergey-Babaev

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