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Who Nose Where My Project Will End Up?

In class, we had to present our ‘hooks’. Hooks are the introductions in our speeches that really intrigue and help the audience to become interested. While I was presenting my hook I felt really nervous, worried, and forgetful. I kept forgetting my hook and I would stutter off. I also kept starting my hook while I walking instead of waiting until I stood up straight and then delivered my hook. I’m glad I did it now because I can learn from my mistakes.

This is may be my transition from my hook to my speech:

When I started Ibu Jackie’s class on hydrosols,I had no idea it was going to turn out into this huge idea. Hydrosols are the byproduct of essential oil, so they are basically just fragrant water. In the class we started collaborating, producing and mixing different scents. I loved the process so much: I loved picking and buying the fresh ingredients and seeing them dissolve into a beautiful scent, and I really didn’t want it to end. In the last day of the class we had to present our scents to visitors at the school and we had a small competition to see which smell was the best. The visitors all liked the scent my friend and I made so much, that I realised that scents can really affect people. I didn’t want to stop making hydrosols and the idea stuck with me. My mom was practicing gratitude around the house, and that idea also stuck with me. I researched gratitude and it sounded amazing! The only other problem was that I also wanted to do my quest on hydrosols, but I didn’t want to completely forget about gratitude. So why not combine them?

We are all searching for that experience of gratitude, but can a sense achieve it?


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