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What have I fin up to?

Last week I went to the Ego shop. They have helped me to make t shirts in the past and I really like their style of art so I decided too go back to see if they wanted to help me with my quest. I told them about my project and what I wanted to do and they seemed very eager to help. I gave them my design for the stencil, sticker and t-shirts. They told me they would call me when they have the design finalized then I will visit them and see if it is what I was looking for and if it is then I will order all the products I want to sell to raise money to produce more products and give the profit to an organization that has the same aim I do. They called me earlier today so I will visit them after school. I’m very excited to see the design. I will hopefully be selling the shirts at Sustainable Solutions. I will be sticking and spraying the stickers and stencils around Ubud and hopefully in other places around Bali.

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