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It’s time to unite, alone, in our own homes

Art is something most introverts see as a way to express themselves, writing to. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create artwork to show people what being an introvert is really like, also to give other introverted being something they can relate to. I have around five sketches and one bigger painting that I finished on Wednesday during Flow class for Jalan Jalan. The research articles I read were really interesting. One article, in particular, was really cool, it was about the scientific explanation for why some people are more introverted and some people are more extroverted.

Doing the five whys, I got to find out more about not only my partner’s quest but also my own as well. Some of the questions I got asked, like why did you choose to do art, made me think more about my quest and how art actually relates to my quest because art is something very introverted and how a lot of famous artists consider themselves introverts. This activity actually gave me more ideas for my quest, and even some points I want to make in my speech.

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  1. That’s great – I’m glad the 5 whys helped you!

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