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The final presentation

Stressed. Scared. Pressure. That is how I felt I when I took a deep breath before entering the fake stage where I was going to present my hook to the whole class. I knew my hook by heart and had practiced alone but I was scared that the words would come out muffled when the time came to present. I started and I finished with out any minor incident. Finally that was done. All I new was that if this was nothing compared to the real day. 30  seconds is not 10 minutes. All of those distant stares in the corner of my is the cherry on my stress cake.


To make the transition from the hook to the intro, I think I will throw out some facts and statistics about how much electricity, water and other things and it would make them realize that we need a Ecotopia and I will also talk about what Utopia , Dystopia and Ecotopia. I will maybe talk about why I chose this subject.


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