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Making Sense of My Scent

Yesterday we started mixing our scents for the gratitude perfume! First, we looked at all the scents we had. (We being Ibu Lara and my friend, India) We had vanilla, sage, lemongrass, cinnamon, lots of star anise, and quite a lot of sandalwood. Then,we smelt all our scents and we decided that we did not like the sandalwood at all. It turned out sandalwood was a bit overcooked and less concentrated than usual. We also decided that we did not like one of the batches of star anise we made because it smelt really bad. We made three different samples of our scent. Our first one was a bit overpowering and strong, and not quite the bright and fresh grateful smell I was hoping for. In the next sample the cinnamon and star anise was too overpowering, so we had to add more lemongrass to it. For our last scent we kept it simple, only using lemongrass (as the top note), vanilla (as the middle note), and cinnamon (as the bottom note). India and I interviewed people about the third sample. People said it smelt relaxing, soothing, calming, comfortable, and they linked the scent to positive other scents like the smell of laundry. Lara and I decided it was a good scent, but I really wanted it to smell rejuvenating. Tomorrow we are going to extract lemon skin to get that fresh zest that our scent is missing.

I have yet to work on the beginning point (or the ‘hook’) of my Quest speech like everyone has, since lately I have not been in the classroom.  I have to think about that now and how I will pull or ‘hook’ the audience in. I’m also going to experiment with my final scent and put in classrooms to see how students react to it. Wish me good luck! :)


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