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The 5 whys

I was talking to Dipta my class m8 and we shared our ideas on what we are doing for our quest, i told him I am making an iPhone case and anti electromagnetic radiation iPhone case, he then asked me 5 why questions, why are you making the case? I am making this case for everybody, for people to be heathy and happy and not worry about their phone any more, he also asked we what I am making the material for the case out of? this material is called Orgonite this is a type of eerie material for my case, it is an anti electromagnetic radiation substance and it works from the type of material it is it is made out of resin, metal particles, crystal, and copper. Why will these materials work? Well… cause the material attracts EMR by the metal particles because electric attracts with metal.

I asked Dipta what he was doing, he told me that he is making a shirt made out of cotton material, a whole ago he insisted to make it out of bamboo finer which I thought was a excellent idea but later on he kinda chose to make it out of normal cotton on put a logo in front of the shirt for global awareness, I still don’t get why he didn’t want to make it out of bamboo fibre, it would be even more sustainable but I asked WHY? “because bamboo fibre it is too expensive!!!”

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