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The 5 whys

Today Ibu Jacklyn our teacher gave us an activity to do. The activity was to find a partner and ask them 5 questions about their quest. So my partner was Matthew (He’s my friend) he loves photography and loves the way insects stay still. So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Matthew is doing something about insects and photography. Well, his quest in full detail is he will take photos of insects and writing about what they are and how they live. Now I asked him the why questions and here they are. Why do you like photography? I like photography because he likes the satisfying moment of when you take a perfect photo. I also feel better than everyone else. Why did you choose insects to photograph? I chose insects because they stand with this kind of elegance. Why do you think your quest is sustainable? I think that my quest is not about sustainable but about social justice. Why don’t you bring your camera? Because my mum doesn’t trust me. Why do you think this is important? I think this is important because I would like the world to know more about what really live around us.

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