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Insect Photography #4

On the holidays I went to the butterfly park to take a few photos of butterflies and try to identify some species. There is this one really nice butterfly called the Ulysses butterfly, I really want to take a photo of it but it is really hard to take photos of. I am going to crop my best photos and send them to a company in australia to have them printed and put into an album.

With that album I am then going to add all the info I have found to the album to make a kind of insect dictionary. I haven’t taken any pictures for a while so I will need to get back out there and take some more. I have also found out a pretty reliable way to find out insect species. I just google the butterfly’s color and then look for insects in Indonesia.

Today we did the 5 why’s excercise in class, where we talk about our quest and ask 5 questions about them to make the person learn more about what they’re doing. I didn’t find this paticularly helpful for me but maybe it helped some other people. I can’t remember any of the questions I asked._MG_5234 _MG_5401

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  1. Matt – these photos are beautiful. Well done!

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