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Hope My Project Will Make Scents!

Recently I have been extracting star anise again because I love the smell and definitely want to use it for my gratitude scent. Three days ago I started the extraction with a new steam distillation kit, but I didn’t get any hydrosol from it. It turns out the steam distillation kit didn’t produce any hydrosol because the water wasn’t boiling, so evaporation didn’t begin. Yesterday I extracted star anise again and its was really successful! Lara and I took about three minutes to get everything going and to set up, so the whole process was super fast!

Since our Quest class time is almost coming to end, it’s time to get serious. I have talked to Ibu Jackie and we have come up with several plans for the future. First of all, we  discussed how many more scents I’m going to make and how to make a sample of my final gratitude sent. All the scents I’ve done are pretty strong and bitter, so I am going to focus on some sweeter scents. I’m thinking ylang- ylang and sandalwood because both have a really nice smell to them. Ylang ylang is sweet and refreshing while sandalwood is very calming, sweet, and floral-like. 

Ylang ylang is both euphoric and sedative with calming and antidepressant effects. It aids in calming anger and depression and helps with insomnia and stress-related disorders. Ylang ylang is antiseptic and antifungal, working well for acne and oily skin. It has a long tradition in hair care and in baby care products as well as a big reputation for being an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood has a calming and cooling effect on the body. Sandalwood improves skin texture and it also soothes burns. Sandalwood is antispasmodic so it relaxes the nerves, blood muscles, and muscles. Sandalwood prevents skin buildup of oil, dirt, and sweat such as acne, and cleanses the skin. It can be used in aromatherapy, as it reduces stress, emotional negativity, and very high blood pressure.

I also have to meet with a guy, Kevin, who is going to advise me on my marketing for my gratitude scent. I also have to print stickers for the bottles. Thanks to Ibu Jackie, I will offer both roll on bottles and spray bottles. Thank you so much, Ibu Jackie! 😀






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