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First research article

Right now in the surfing industry they are thinking of new solutions of making a twenty-first century board more sustainable. Surfers these days care about how sustainable their boards are. Surf Industries are thinking of new solutions on how to make surfboards more sustainable. Well one human being thought about bringing old school styled surfboards back. The idea was simple Alaia. Now a lot of you probably don’t know really know what an alaia board  is well, its a board that they used to ride about 70 years ago. An alaia is made by light strong wood preferably paulownia. Now paulownia is wood that is originated in china. It grows 4-5 cm in 6 months. Now you might be thinking that that’s not that fast because bamboo grows about 20 times faster but for the world that’s pretty fast. People are planting more paulownia seeds than ever before. Research are also saying that this tree can make the earth a better place.

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Second research article

Theres a problem. Alaia boards don’t float well. This article is based on the holo alaia. Now alaia boards sink will your paddling and well I need to float well. Mikel my class room mate told me to search for an article called holo alaia. Now this holo board is practically holo well not all of it. The board is constructed by cutting parts of the wood so theres some air inside then put a plank of wood on top all glued by titebond. this is not sponsored by titebond.

Now the way i’m going to integrate into my board is by doing the same thing. A challenge I have is accuracy. Accuracy is the most important part of the build, I really have to make the cuts precise or else it could sink. Another challenge on making it holo cutting out the holo parts I really again need to make the cuts precise.

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