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#research 2

People have been asking me, how do you know orgonite works? is there really electromagnetic radiation in your phones? well I have been researching about how the orgonite works and why. does Orgonite Work

It’s all about the life energy, orgonite isn’t just about radiation but also about the energy, orgonite is a free flowing subtle energy that pervades and vivifies everything from the earth to the universe, it is also in present of matter, materials and crystals. Crystals have a high concentration of energy because of its crystalline nature. A body has a fine energy structure described as the (chakras) and the nadis (energy channels), When a being is subjected by trauma, physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual, it reacts with fear, and a contraction of the energy system takes place, Usually the body maintains this contraction because it doesn’t understand that the trauma has passed This contraction limits the energy flow in the body, creating an imbalance and weakening. Slowly the disease sets in. It weakens the body or body part, slowly creating disease as microbes will go where the cells are in a weakened state. Eventually the disease will create the death of the body. That is why Reich called this obstructed, restricted or limited energy flow structure DOR, Deadly Orgone Energy. Orgone will transfer this DOR dr. reich discovered that all metal exept for aluminium, attracts orgone energy both positive and negative but also immediately releases it, in the orgone there are like thousands of particles of metal attracting OR and DOR and then imediatelly releasing it into the atmosphere. That is how orgon helps, find out more at the web.


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