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Meeting my requirments

This week has been a so and so. It wasn’t a perfect week because so much stuff has happened. Some major things were that my computer broke and it’l take a while for it to get fixed. The other major thing is that my baby brother was born and my dad wasn’t as availible. Finding good wood is hard to find here in bali well the right wood. Also i created a poster for my alaia board and I wrote exactly what i’m going to do.

Next week is a holiday and thats perfect. I can use that time to build my alaia and write my research articles. I must use this time wisely. I will limit my time on the computer. Another thing is that i will be making a short film of how I built my board and taking photos. My goal for next week is trying the board out and seteing if it works.

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  1. Remy, I am excited about seeing this board in action. Please take some photos of your board this week and the process, as this is important. Also, please read your post before publishing as you made many spelling errors.

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