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Insect Photography 3

My Insect photography quest is going very well. When I don’t know what to do in class I go and borrow a camera from Pak Widi to take photos in the garden. There are way more interesting insects in school than there are at my house. When I go to Singapore in about 5 weeks i will try to buy a macro lens that is made to take photos of insects, because right now i’m using a lens that is meant for animals like birds.

During the break i’m going to try go out into the garden to improve my photo quality, and hopefully take photos of a few new species. I might do a bit of research about how to find out what species an insect is, and if they are endangered or not._MG_5227

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  1. This is great, Matt! I’d love to see your 5 insects and 5 sub-headings organised this week!

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