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I Hope My Products Are The Scent-er of Attention!

This week I have extracted both star anise and vanilla, with no help! I had a misunderstanding with Ibu Lara, as she thought we were doing it today (on Thursday- my b-day! :) ) Instead, I had to do it myself, although Ibu Jackie helped me with adjusting the hot plate. Ibu Puri (one of our high school science teachers) also was a big help, she helped me check for the boiling point of the water. It took me more than a hour to get everything going! The weight scale wasn’t working, the stands weren’t set up in the best way, and so I had to make adjustments. This time I left the extraction going till the end of school, of course adding ice to the steam distillation kit to keep it cold. Here is the worst part….. someone turned the heat way up!!! I have learnt from that experience, and I made signs to block out people. I produced a lot of star anise, and it turned out to be very oily. Vanilla didn’t go as well, which was challenging, especially because it cost sixty thousand rupiah!

Next week I am planning to research my scents and look at different articles. I also will be observing the scents around me, and if I find one I like I will be sure to make note of it. I really want to find that perfect scent that helps/inspires you to feel grateful.


  1. That’s so punny!! for a pun for fun

  2. This is a great pun, and a great post! Well done, Ruby – you are inspiring. It’s so interesting that star anise was oily – I do love that scent! I’m looking forward to seeing if you come up with a grateful scent too.

  3. Great pun! Really great to see you evaluating where you were less successful each time we extract and how you can improve your experiment next time.

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