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This page gave me so much advise about the orgonite and what is it(here i’ll tell you a bit about it)

It says that Orgonite was invented by dr, wilhelm Reich. He accidentally discovered the mysterious energy that exists in all living organisms on the earth and its atmosphere, he then named the energy ‘orgone’, then he shared the theory to albert einstein. The object orgonite¬†absorbs negative energy along with chemical toxins around us, turn it into positive energy and release it back into the atmosphere(not to other people, thats just mean) it is known that negative energy is spread around us creating a bad influence on earth and the environment. This negative energy is also easily spread to people by the ‘electromagnetic radiation’ that are in our phones, laptops, tv, microwave(no wonder people get hurt a lot from microwaves, micro(waves) get it…), calculators and ect, but mostly phones thats why im making this case.



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  1. Thanks, Adi – I just learnt about Orgonite and how it works. I’d love to know what it is made from if it is an invention.

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