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2. Mentor + Time Table

I would like Madison and Pak Dan to be my mentor for my quest project. Madison has a natural cosmetics brad which is exactly what I want to do for my quest project. I’d love it if she could help me with the ingredients and what products are natural what are not. To use her products as an example for my brand. For Pak Dan I would like him to teach me about the difference between the natural cosmetics and the chemicals cosmetics. The heath benefits of using the natural and the effect on our health of using chemical products.

I have also made a time table for my quest and I figured that I would have to be very productive in sing my time at school and out of school. I am still deciding on weather to do the research before or after I make my natural products. By products, I will be making BATH BOMBS,  face masks, body butter and a bath set that includes some candles, bath melt, bath salts and body scrubs. BATH BOMBS would be my main project since many people love to use bath bombs but doesn’t really seem to have any in Bali and also because I love bath bombs which i will be super excited be making some!original_natural-lavender-bath-and-beauty-gift-set (2)


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  1. This is very exciting! I hope you have found the ingredients to use and are busy experimenting!

    Please watch spelling and sentence structure, Yuki!

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