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Mentor and Update


I chose my mentor to be my dad, Eko Riyanto, because he is really educated in the field of permaculture and gardening. He can help me when I teach the kids by educating me more on the topic of gardening and setting up compost. He is also indonesian so when I need to communicate he could help me since he is half indonesian and the children might listen better and have more respect for an older figure. I also chose my dad to be my mentor because since the day I told him what it was he has been supportive and helped me organise the first steps. I am really grateful for my dad to be my mentor because I feel like he can keep me on track and advise me to do the right things.


Over the Nyepi break I have worked a lot on my quest. I have formed the group of older kids that will help me teach the younger kids on the day we build the garden. I have also gotten the approval of the kepala desa, head of village, and he has given me a piece of land to work on. The piece of land is 2 meters by 30 meters, it’s huge! On monday this week I also brought the older girls from the mountains down to the kul kul farm. It was really nice because I got to know them better and also they were really engaged in what the gardeners was telling them. We learnt about how to set up compost and also what good soil looks like and how we can make sure the soil is healthy. It was really great and at the end of the day they left and were even more excited about starting the garden building.

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