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Insect Photography #2

I thought that my mentor could be my mum’s friend, Angela. She is really good at bird photos, but also has experience with insect photos. She could teach my all about how to get good photos. About lighting, angles and everything else. Some questions I could ask her would be what settings to use in the camera and how to identify what species an insect is. I would be able to check in with her weekly by emailing her every weekend.

My photos are coming along well, i’m getting better at taking them, and I have gotten a few really good pictures. I hope to have enough good photos to fill an album of insect photos. I still have to discover a way to find out what species the insects are, because right now I have no idea what species the insects i find are.

_MG_5467 _MG_5441

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  1. Those photos are so cool!

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