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Exciting updates


My mentor is going to be, Pak Noan. He has a lot of ideas on the subject and knows a lot about the new inventions that are being created in the world. He already told me that he would be honored to help me. He can help by guiding me. I will be able to talk with him during mentor time because he is my mentor teacher,if we don’t have time then, I can always plan to talk to him during break or thematic. For our first meeting we talked about the main characteristics (food,electricity,housing, public transport, etc…  It really helped me clear my project a bit.  


Zofia Klar will assist me with my drawing . I will first make a draft but she would make it beautiful because I’m not very good at drawing. This week I will also make the statistic of my “ecotopia”. All the details need to be worked on. I have to choose where my city is too. That’s what I am going to work on the rest of this week.       

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  1. Thanks, Emma. I am excited about this project. I think you are learning a lot, and will create something everybody else can learn from, too!

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