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Bamboo alaia surfboard #2

I think that my mentor should be Pak Jade. I think that he is a perfect fit as my mentor because he has already made the whole board and knows what and what not to do. My mentor would be a big help for me because he can guide me through the steps. I hope that he will cooperate with me and we can finish the surfboard.

This week during my quest iv’e been gathering materials for my surfboard and learning how to shape the board. Finding the materials wasn’t so hard which is amazing. I am starting to build the parts that I need and also ordering the wood. I am also researching if bamboo would be better than wood. I have decided to make two boards one out of wood and the other out of bamboo. That’s it from me.


  1. Thanks, Remy – Pak Jade will be a great help. How did the progress go with the bamboo?

  2. That is so awesome

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