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My mentor for my quest

My mentor, Is my dad, (tjokde kerthyasa)

My dad is a Homeopath(herbal doctor) and reaserches with a lot of sickness, thus Electromagnetic radiation, he wears an anti radiation block  and sticks it on his phone, most of the time it falls off and it also looks ugly and uncomfortable(really uncomfortable), thats when I thought of the case…..

My dad, who I have chosen to be my mentor, he knows a lot about my project and gave me so many ideas for it, he also knows a lot about contacts and who makes my material for the case, he will help me for making my first prototype of the material, then to the next step which is making the case.

4 questions for my mentor….

how can I make the case

what is the easiest way to design my case( I do have some big ideas)

what is the best day to have a small meeting with the person who make my material

help me with presentation….



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