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I Have Sentsational New Mentors!

Lately, I have been creating different hydrosols through the steam distillation process.  Along with Ibu Lara (who I will get to later) I have set up the system in the morning, added ice often to the steam distillation kit, have recorded data, and have collected the hydrosol and taken it down. So far I have done sage and lemongrass. Sage has come out with a large quantity, compared to lemongrass- it only had a few drops!  Lara and I think it is because we tilted the tube of the steam distillation kit at  more of an angle, and we added more sage then we did for lemongrass. The sage smelt like pizza and the lemongrass smelled bright and vibrant. Tomorrow, Lara and I are going to do both lemongrass again (to make more) and cinnamon. I have been crushing the cinnamon in advance for tomorrow, of which I’m excited for!

I have new mentors now: Ibu Lara and Ibu Jaclyn. Ibu Jackie has taught all there is to know about hydrosols, while Lara has helped me set up. Ibu Jackie has studied scents for a few years, but she has studied medicinal properties of plants for ten! She is very passionate about plants of all types. Ibu Lara keeps an eye on me, and helps me with the hot plate (EEK!). She also provides help with setting up the steam distillation kit when I need it.


  1. This is super cool, Ruby! I am very excited to smell your scents – especially the sage.

  2. This is fabulous! Yes, you have sought out help and support and it has served you well.

  3. Hi Rubes,
    I loved looking through your blog posts and how you built on your ideas to eventually decide to make the gratitude scent.
    Thank you for the shout out – it’s a pleasure helping you and I’m looking forward to smelling the final scent!
    Ibu Lara

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