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My Eco-Friendly City

a great transportation would be flying pod zeppelins

Hi my name is Emma Quennell, 13. My Quest project is creating a model of a “perfect” community. Where the people live without money and hate. I grew up in a world where my left neighbour was richer than me and my right poorer. That contrast is very frequent in our world, even if we are neighbours we have our own groups of friends, our own circle, our own life.

This Quest will show a community without money. What will change? That is the real question of this experiment. Progress arrives when we ask questions and now, in this century, we are not asking the good question. People think that to make changes like this you need to be a president but actually nearly all the good questions come from unprivileged families. I want the world to be equal and this is the only way I found to make it.

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