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Bamboo alaia surfboard

My idea for quest is making a bamboo surfboard to change the way that surfboards are made and what materials there made out of. I haven’t started building the board but I am looking forward to starting the process of building the board. Making a normal wood plank board board would only take two days at most but since i’m making it out of bamboo it would take longer for these reasons.My reason is that I have no idea if the board would float well of course it has to float duh and if bamboo is strong enough for someone to stand on the board.

Some challenges I could come across could be managing my time to the build of the actual board. Making the board I don’t think should be hard and not to long but you never know. Another challenge I think I might come across is material. I don’t know if ill have the right material to build an Alia surfboard. But I wish to over seise the challenges and succeed.

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