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What’s been happening behind the scenes

So over the past block, I have looked over my idea, adapted it and molded it into what it is today. I started with the idea of an electric motorbike that could shift gears. I looked over my time restraints and realized that with the time I had I couldn’t of made the motorbike to house my main idea, the gear shifter. So I decided to just work on making the gear shifter work well. Over a couple week I polished my idea to finally come up with a way to use normal switches and a processor to simulate the motor needing to change gear.

This is the first entry from my journal, I will be putting these entries in order every post.

             The first idea that I had to give the true feel was combining a gearbox and an electric motor but I encountered problems related to maintenance and overall functionality. As well as the gearbox being too heavy, you would need to give it oil and maintenance because with more moving parts more things can go wrong. With space and weight being precious it just wasn’t the best and most rational option.

Then I thought of using the ramps on the electric motors controller to simulate the engine needing to shift. and using that, designing a transponder to be able to have the clutch and shift integrated into a 2-way switch to reduce and increase gear. This would work using a command in the electric motor making it need the 2-way switch to be initiated for it to increase or decrease ramp. This way it would be light, efficient and low maintenance. This is what I am trying to realize.

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