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As my mini quest idea and presentation, I have taken “Shield” to another level with contact with everything I need, unlike just waiting for the case to be done, I decided to make a replica first during thematic time whist making ‘Orgonite’ which is a type of material, quite easy and cheap to make, and I also could make it in class which is good, that way i have something to do during thematic class.

I know a supplier who makes i phone cases, that way i can supply these plain cases with different colours, this ‘Orgonite’ will be carefully placed on top of the case making it look more blended in with the original i phone case. When the case is done, I will also make a box for the case and if  ‘Shield’ actually has a success and everybody approves of it, there will also be a small documentary of the case and how it is built, then I will also have to work on the presentation.

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