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New Idea…. Hydrosols!

I have changed my idea for Quest… it will now be on hydrosols! Hyrdosols are the byproduct of the production of essential oils and are becoming our future. Hyrdosols are water, but they contain the essences of the plants they were extracted from. More and more people are demanding hydrosols; and there is a belief that they are better for your skin.

Last month I was in a class where we produced hydrosols. We were meant to make essential oil, but our steam distillation kit was not the ideal system to produce essential oils. After four hours, we would have just a puny bit of essential oil suspended above the hyrdosol. Instead, we ended up producing hydrosols! I loved the way mine smelled, and I instantly wanted to do this idea instead.

Wait, I haven’t totally thrown out my idea on gratitude. My goal is to try to make a smell that helps you feel grateful. First, I have listed words that come out of feeling grateful (rejuvenating, youthful, positive, peaceful, and more…). Then I researched what scents complement these words. Next week I am going to start producing and experimenting with different scents. I will also experiment with people and see what they think of the smell. It will be a big challenge, but I’m up for it!



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