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Thanks A Bunch!

During this period of time, I have created a collage envisioning my Quest journey. This is called a vision board. It is filled with pictures and text that relate to gratitude. The vision board has picture’s of kids laughing and smiling to represent the experiments I will conduct through out the school.  It also has my affirmation on it: “I am presenting my Quest feeling proud.”

Through out this week my gratitude Quest has become less vague. I have a clearer idea of what I am doing. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to plan out. First of all, I have to talk to Pak Sal about my idea and ask him to be mentor to help guide me through this process. I also have to plan out the experiments that I will start doing in February, March, and April. Plus, I have to research gratitude some more.

Next time I would have researched gratitude right away. I would also have talked to Pak Sal sooner. :)

Gratitude Quotes! :)



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