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Finished product

My final product is finally here.It isn’t fully finished,but at least iv’e finished everything I needed to present.The bag isn’t exactly finished because my mother and I,have to go somewhere to make it stronger.People have come up to me and spoke to me about what or how,to make it better or easier to use.Presenting in front of part of the class (some were at volley ball) was hard but then once you start and your in a flow and the is audience listening or laughing it get’s easier.I had a lot of fun and although it’s over I can’t wait for big Quest.

For those who don’t understand it’s a back pack,but we will also be making shopping bags that are able to fold easily into,small zip bags.The process was very hard because we went through some hard times.The funnest bit of the project was designing but the hardest bit was cutting out the pieces because it had to be accurate.I loved the mini quest and i’m looking forward for the big quest.

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