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Eco Surfboard

My idea is to create a eco surfboard.The concept is to create a board out of old broken surfboards. Creating the board will take about one month. Pete Mathews is a shaper I will be working with. The idea popped up as I was in G-land,I was surfing a bamboo surfboard and I felt this spark and then it came to me eco surfboards. visualising the idea and me presenting helped a lot during my mini quest and will help me with my big quest.

This week I researched about how Eco Surfboards were made.I also searched ip where I could make the surfboard.The place where i will be making the surfboard will be at my friend’s shaping shop if he accepts my offer.So far I don’t know the price of making the board itself but I will know soon.So far in the quest it’s very fun and I like how Nicola and Glenn organised the project.



  1. amazing idea

  2. i love the idea of an Eco board. i think it will ta a bit longer than a month.

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