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Eco surfboard (week 2)

I’m confident about my idea.Some changes I need to do is to do my blogs on time and call Pete Mathews to see how much the board will cost and where we can meet to create it.What i’ve learnt is that you can make a broken surfboard into a brand new board,i’ve also learnt that to make an Eco board they have to ship the parts in to the country.I haven’t achieved much this week but one achievement is that I have finished my vision board that we worked on.My mentors for the quest will be Pete Mathews because he knows a lot of information on Eco surfboards.

This week I finished up my blogs and edited them to the requirements needed.I also made a vision board.A vision board is a piece of paper with parts of magazines put onto the paper which then will look like the process of your quest.Finishing the blogs that I didn’t finish was pretty hard to finish.I know its not the best timing but at least I finished it.I’m having a lot of fun and i’m looking forward to making the surfboard.

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  1. This idea is very amazing, I will help you sell lots of the boards for that i know lots of people who surf, great idea and i hope your quest is a big success

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