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Shield by: AdiWorks® for big Quest

Shield is an iPhone case made to protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

I am focusing on the bad effects of electromagnetic radiation. People are too attached to their phones these days and most people are un aware on the negative effects on their health. Many studies have shown that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be damaging to your health,wellbeing and even mental function. 

How I came up with this idea?

I passed many shops and asked many people about this weird object called “orgonite”, it is made out of Metal, Copper, and Resin, these materials somehow protects you from electromagnetic radiation, they made it for Phones, TV, WIFI, computers, etc. I was in the thought, “why don’t they make a case out of these materials”, I searched on the internet and found like 10 pictures of orgonite, thats all the pictures on the whole web, like nothing was there just 10 crappy pictures……, So I looked for Iphone cases that were made out of these materials on the web and it said “Your search does not match any documents”, thats when I realised I had to make this case to make a change in the usage of phones… Iphones.

“sorry but the case iz not for android, deal with it”

Before we get into doing our project in class, my teacher does some visualisations with us, for me the visualisations help me to picture my project and having it a successful project, it helps me with the class and to think positive when I do my work.

For the next week I will be designing my Iphone case, and will try to meet the person who makes this “orgronite”. I hope it will be a successful project.

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