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Changed Ideas

The idea just came to me as I was thinking about shoes and drawings.At the time I was drawing random doodles on my shoe coincidence.I thought if I could make a shoe out of recycled tires and old shoes for my mini quest.My idea was to work with Indosole to create a pair of shoes with there help.Once I contacted them they replied and said that all there facilitates in Bali were closed and moved back to Java.That’s were the Idea of Eco Bags came from.At first It was simple I was going to copy my bag and create it from eco cloth but that didn’t work out so I just designed my own bag.

This week I found my idea even though it toke a while to figure out what it is.I also made an Gaant chart for the following lessons.It was pretty easy to make after you calculated how long it would take to create the product.Blogs were each thursday and all the other days were free to do whatever you need to do for your Quest.

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