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A Motorbike, An Electric one

For my Quest I  am going to design and build an electric motorcycle. I got this idea when I was riding my motorbike in Spain but back then it was just a thought. Then I started researching electric motorbikes already out there and fount that the cost really little to run and would be simple to maintain. I then started to look into people that had made electric motorcycles themselves but none of the people that I had looked at designed the bike itself. They all used an existing motorcycle frame and then just made the “electric”, part of the motorcycle inside it. I am going to see if I can design and build the frame itself and designing my whole motorcycle not just whats going inside it.


Electric vehicles were some of the first built. They were super efficient but were replaced for the new technology: GASOLINE. And the rest plummeted from there. Now with oil running out, the human race is scrambling to find alternatives. This is when humans turn to the very basics of vehicle making and use new technologies to make it all and everything that the old guys wanted it to be. This is why I am making an electric motorbike. To help the movement to gradually go from gas to electric. (the motorbike part is cause its Bali.)

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