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For my Quest, I would like to deepen my understanding of gratitude.  I think feeling grateful is a very important life skill to have, as it affects your happiness in a positive way. This improves your happiness, which improves your everyday, which improves your life. I will conduct experiments around school through out the months of Quest. I am going to document how people process, react to, and embody the concept of gratitude. I will document this through poetry and collected data. My project is sustainable because it focuses on people’s well-being. When I present my Quest, I want to try to convince my listeners to understand the importance of gratitude. I will also offer them knowledge about gratitude. My key message in this project is how important gratitude is in daily life. At the end of the year, not only do I want others to understand the importance of gratitude, but I also want to make Green School a happier place.

Coming up with this idea was actually pretty random. I had thought about gratitude the previous day, since my mom is practicing gratitude exercises. So when we were creating ideas, gratitude popped back up in my mind. I threw away all my old ideas, and decided to explore this subject. I had a chat about it with Ibu Nicola, and the idea was born!

When Ibu Nicola lead us through guided visualizations, during the process of Mini Quest, I would envision myself presenting my Mini Quest confidentially. I also imagined myself pleased with the way that I presented. This sort of helped me, but the image of myself presenting was always very vague- making me a bit nervous. Every time we had guided visualizations, I always felt butterflies in my stomach and a rush of nervous energy would bolt through me. “I am confident and pleased with my Mini Quest.”

Next week I have to plan everything out and research gratitude a bit more thoroughly. I also have to find a mentor to help guide me through this process. I am thinking Pak Sal or Pak Dan, since they both are easy-going and scientific. Plus, I have to talk to primary, middle school, and high school faculty and work out what kids I can experiment on.  Wish me good luck! :)

thank u



  1. I am so excited about your Quest project! And thank you for writing your posts with such sophistication and maturity.

    • Thank you Ibu Nicola!

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