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Poems, Animals, and More…. So Please Let Me Introduce Creativity to the Floor!



Creativity Quote

And endangered animals CAN be expressed into something more, more powerful- poetry. That’s exactly what I have done; I researched endangered animals that are not well-known. Then, I sketched the Bumblebee Bat. After that, I wrote my first draft. Next, I made my final copy of my poem, included with a drawing of each animal. I went through the same process with the Monito del Monte and the Mexican Gray Wolf. (To see pictures of each animal, you can see my previous blog:



Overall, Mini Quest has been a great experience. I have improved my writing and drawing skills. I have also learnt to not make my slides so busy……

I must admit, I did face some challenges. It was very difficult to sketch each animal- catching the true beauty of each animal, was one of the most challenging parts of my Mini Quest. Putting together my presentation was quite frustrating as Google Slides kept malfunctioning. It was also hard to write the poems out, since the pens I used kept smudging. Finding a way to fit all of a poem on one piece of paper was also challenging, but I did it!

Final product



  1. The animals you chose are really cool! :)

    • Thank you! ?

  2. Your presentation was great!! and so was the poem!! Good job!!

    • Thanks! Your poem and presentation were AWESOME! ?

  3. I thought this Quest project was incredibly successful. Well done.

    • Thanks so much Ibu Nicola! Thank you for being there to help me through out the whole Mini Quest process. 😀

  4. Great work Ruby. Raising awareness of little known animals is a great way to educate.

  5. Thanks for openly sharing. Years ago my mom would say “Life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we respond to it” :-)

  6. It’s great of you to share your perspective. Thank you!

  7. Great share!

    Would you mind if I translated a small portion of this post in my Dutch blog? I’d definitely give you all due credit for your work – no question about it.

    • Yeah, that sounds great! Would you mind sending the link to me once your done? Thanks!

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